Adding a Facebook pixel lets you see how many people have viewed, opened, and sent your form from Facebook resources. You can also organize better optimized campaigns by targeting conversions for ads you create for Facebook and Instagram.

All you need is the account (including the FREE package) and the Facebook Ads Manager.

You don't need any code to install Facebok Pixel. Let's start.

1. Go to Facebook Business Manager, and click the hamburger menu icon then click Pixels.

Add Facebook Pixel to Your Form - pixel

2. Click "Add New Data Source" on the page that opens and select Facebook Pixel from the tab that opens

Add Facebook Pixel to Your Form - data

3. You'll see your Pixel ID in the upper left corner of the page. We can copy our Pixel ID.

Add Facebook Pixel to Your Form - conversion

4. Go to and select the form to which you want to add Pixel. Then click the form settings icon to paste your Pixel ID into the Facebook Pixel section.

Add Facebook Pixel to Your Form - conversion code

That's all, your form is ready. You can access all statistics about your form in Pixels section.

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